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Introduction of Rossini Glasses Company

In 19th century, Gioacchino Rossini, a well-known master of melodic and vocal music in Italy, set up a bright artistic monument by his extraordinary artistic wisdom in European opera field. His musical compositions, passed through many complicated techniques and kept the melody remain pure and natural, which were filled with joy of life and great wisdom . The sounds of nature Rossini created was a shock for people all over the world. His elegant and passionate life attitude had profoundly impacted everyone.

In 20th century, following the relentless pursuit of innovative and elegant style from this musical master, Rossini watch carves every minute in the time flow eternally with its quality of knife, and sets up “Rossini”the legend in watch industry, by virtue of exquisite Swiss watch crafting and elegant cultural taste.

In 21st century, on the basis of solid branding strength and quality assurance, Rossini, who has accumulated manufacturing experience for many years, starts integrating resources on R&D and production process in industrial chain, turning eyes to a wider field, and providing distribution and service of glasses for 1.3 billion Chinese people. Rossini glasses hold the elegant breath of cinquecento since the date of its birth, which presents with Italian fashion style and innovative design freshly to the whole public. Like the melody of Rossini’s opera, simple and uncomplicated, promoting life to a higher level.

Glasses are similar to music. Both of them are art of life. Glasses contain the charm of music, making people wear them willingly.

This, is the “Sight” which Rossini glasses have changed.

Introduction of Rossini Glasses Company