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Brief Introduction On Retail Stores

Rossini branded watch & glasses store, is a diversified name, and a diversified management concept. The company regards watch & glasses as an organic whole and put them into Zhuhai market, by holding up the management philosophy of “same category of watch & glasses”.

Nowadays, Rossini branded watch & glasses stores have kept their foothold and root in Zhuhai, and opened the third branch store with rapid growth. Whether on facilities, staff, or product, Rossini glasses have gradually become mature. The company has employed 10-year-experience advanced optometrist and opticists , and allocated full sets of original imported PC optometry and glasses processing equipments. Moreover, considering the vital interests of consumers,Rossini has dispatched dozens of staff from administration , inspection and logistic department to participate in the specialized optometric knowledge & skill training classes who have been qualified in relevant examination afterwards. This is to ensure that every pair of glasses is in professional supervision during its whole procedure including sale, optometry, inspection and delivery.

Except for selling own-branded watches and optical glasses, Rossini branded watch & glasses store also collaborates with many international well-known glasses companies, such as Safilo, and sells various of famous branded glasses like Fendi, Gucci, CK, Ferragamo, Rayban, Montblanc ,etc with the gradual development to mid-high end . Besides, the newly established branch store in Hengqin Bay Grand Hotel also sets up with industrial tourism route, which offers multiple choices for tourists making their decision on attractions routes. It initiates a brand-new business pattern as a combination of watch, glasses and tourism.

“Exploring market external, while refining quality internal”. With the growth of group, update of products and perfect service, Rossini branded watch & glasses store is expanding every day. Rossini glasses company will take off shortly.

This, is the “Sight” which Rossini glasses have changed.

Rossini Branded watch & glasses branch store

Zhuhai MO Mall Store——Shop #1018, ground floor, Mo Mall, No.2095, Yingbin South Rd, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai (Tel: 0756-8890123)

Zhuhai Jida Store—— Ground floor, No 12. Jingle Rd, Jida, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Zhuhai Hengqin Bay Store—— Shop # 9, Haima Hall, Ground floor, Hengqin Bay Grand Hotel, Changlong Oceanic Holiday Resort, Hengqin, Zhuhai

Brief Introduction On Retail Stores