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Tourism introduction

Rossini horologe museum is a cultural museum sponsored and established by Zhuhai Rossini Watch Industry Ltd,approved by Zhuhai Municiple Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and registerred in Zhuhai Municiple Bureau of Civil Affairs.The exterior area of Rossini is covered with european architectural style to attract tourist, and the landscape is designed with the concept of “Horologe Parterre”in tourism park of Geneva, Switzerland. It combines european-style architecture with fountain, gardening,pond and bridge via the mainstream of horologe culture and historic time.Rossini horologe museum is the first horologe cultural museum in southern part of China. The whole industrial tourism park is wholly displaying and interpreting to the public with horologe culture and international standard of watch crafting for the first time, showing traditional timekeeping culture in ancient China and full view of modern watch crafting skills.Under the concept of time, Rossini will create an opening space and communicative platform,popularizing horologe culture by modernized technology,making people understand the development of the origin of timekeeping devices and precise fabrication skills of modernized horologe, touching the existance of time and creating the joy in time exploration

At present, We have museum exhibiting occupation 3,560 ㎡ and over 40 scientific popularization staff. The industrial tourism receives over 170,000 people annually.We have successfully held up many bull sessions in watch industry, and attracked government administration, association of entrepreneur and numerous students coming Rossini for visit and communication. Up to 2014, the museum have been awarded as “Model Unit of Zhuhai Industrial Tourism”, “Model Unit of Zhuhai Cutural Tourism”,  “AAAA National Level of Tourist Attraction” etc. (Photo 1.0)

Tourism introduction