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Openness& Services

Opening Hour

Rossini horologe museum is opening all year round. It will extend or shorten the opening hour due to statutory holidays. Please note our bulletin on website at any time.
Group reception hour: AM 9:00-PM 16:15
Appointed individual tourists(above 10 persons): PM 15:00
Transportation Guide: #68, Technology Rd, Hi-tech district, Zhuhai, Guangdong. (Taking bus #K1)
Hotline: 0756-3956380

Tour notice

A.Visiting Hour

1. Group reception: AM 9:00-PM 16:15
2. Appointed individual tourists(above 10 persons): PM 15:00

B.Hotline: 3956380/13631295597

C.Tour Route:

Rossini horologe museumRossini cultural corridorRossini watch manufacture viewRossini watch exhibition hallEuropean style park

Rossini horologe museum

Rossini cultural corridor

Rossini watch manufacture view

Rossini watch exhibition hall

European style park

D.Attention in visit

1.No access into non-visit area (administration, exhibition, manufacture). As the visiting items are displaying in industrial place, not a regular scenery spot, please take care of your child in case of any accident
2.No smoking or drinking in visiting area. No access with flammable, explosive and other hazardous items.
3.Please follow the arrangement of receptionists, no noising. Please follow the instructions of receptionists in case of any emergency.
4.No climbing fences. No stretching-out of any body part or belongings from fences. Please pay attention to your own safety
5.No photo or video in museum and exhibition hall
6.On premise of assuring visiting effect, it will be slightly changed due to actual visiting condition. Please arrive the appointed place in time. Please follow the instruction of receptionists in case of any martial law situation due to the temporary important reception.
7.If emergency case happens, please contact our staff and security guards at (0756)3956380 or(0756) 3638262
8.Emergency call: 0756-3956387

Openness& Services