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Introduction of group purchase

Purpose:customed watcht can be used as an intermediary to convey information. We can provide corporate annual meetings required custom watches, corporate anniversaries and employee benefits reward customized gift watches, Customized gift is not only a memory ,but also a witness for familes, lovers,employees in companies.

(一)How to buy

1.Choose a model

We can provide the models by mail or bring the samples to your company if you have intention to purchase.


After selecting one model,we may follow the requirements of customers in the corresponding position of the watch, for example, we can engrave with logo or text of watch case, cover, strap, clasp, watch boxes and paper bags and other locations. Followed by the appropriate departments to design a design drawings handed over to the customer for approval, both sides are satisfied with the design can be customized production.

3.Sign contract

Confirm the contract by both sides. Delivery time will be marked on the contract, usually for a period of 21 days.

(二)Customized Watch Ranges

Introduction of group purchase